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The core of our business is executive search and related advisory services.

Executive Search, Supervisory and Interim Management

For executive search or interim management assignments, our team of consultants analyses the market to recruit professionals for the following key positions:

  • C-level executives
  • Senior appointments, Team Heads
  • Senior operating professionals (deal execution, asset management, distribution and development)
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Senior staff (finance, HR, legal, investor relations)
  • Non-executive directors, supervisory board members
  • New ventures/team builds
  • Interim Management
  • High potentials

Each organisation has its own specific profile and identity. Just like successful professionals have specific characteristics and unique personality traits. Escalier brings them together so both parties can benefit from each other.

Fully comprehending and ‘tasting’ a company’s profile, identity and its ambitions is an intensive process. We put a lot of energy into this process as we really want to understand our clients so as to provide them with the best talents in the market. Searching and assessing these talents is our day-to-day business. In general, we have known our candidates for years and we are keen on maintaining these relationships. We keep track of their ambitions, competences and motivations. However, it is not only our own observation that matters. We continuously check our candidates’ reputations by means of consulting others.

Strategic Advisory 

Escalier offers advisory services to clients on all aspects of recruitment, development and retention of professionals and management.

Market mapping
We create an overview of professionals in the previously defined positions and sectors, using both our contacts from across the industry and our refined research abilities.

As a standard procedure, we take and assess both provided and supplementary references on candidates on behalf of our client (the potential employer), to give a 360-degree analysis on their skill set, personal style and market reputation.

Career Coaching
Coaching is a proven means of executive development, used in a variety of different contexts. Managers may be transitioning from a senior level role to a board position, considering a career change or looking for tips to improve his or her management style. They may benefit from the support of an external coach who can make a ‘tour d’horizon’ and help them gain deep understanding of themselves, by identifying their ambitions and the derailers/enablers of an individual’s management style.

Human resources support 
Helping our client by discussing the optimum composition of a team or board, the preparation of the job specifications and the ideal profile of the professional. Frequently, we provide compensation reviews that offer benchmarks against which current remuneration expenditures can be assessed.

The process of bringing new professionals or executives safely on deck is crucial for getting off to a Good Start. We support the client in integrating candidates successfully after they have been appointed.

Succession planning
We help existing senior management teams make their plans for the future; identifying potential successors both within and outside the company and/or the business, including the mapping of rising stars in the business.

Team Effectiveness (Management & C-suite)
The effectiveness or dysfunction of a team can have a dramatic effect on business performance. Each team and organisation has its own unique dynamics and culture; therefore, our approach is never off the shelf. Working with a team, we identify the collective strengths and development items, areas of untapped performance and significant blockers to success, and build a bespoke programme to ensure the team is aligned around business objectives, understands how to deliver, and is effective in managing internal and external relationships.

Leadership Assessments

For leadership advisory and developing customized assessments we have a unique partnership with Kerewin Consult. 

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic real estate environment, a key challenge facing firms is how to organise diversity in teams and the Boards of Directors so as to optimise their performance. Want to know more about our partner Ferguson Partner’s vision, click here.